Online Casinos With The Best Software

What Does Online Casino Software Mean?

What do you see when you visit an online casino website? Games, bonus offers, login/signup buttons, and payment methods, right? Well, as you can guess, all of these features are controlled by online casino softwares. And these are not separate programs either: An online casino software controls almost everything in casino sites as a whole and from one central management point. A casino website consists of thousands of programming codes and there are companies out there who write those codes. The online casino management does not have to do anything from scratch: They go to casino software developers, purchase their packages, and only add their own logos. This way, you can have a running online casino site in a couple of days and start the operation. The package sold by these gambling software developers includes everything you need: Games, membership management, payment infrastructure, personal bonuses, and even the design of the website if you need it. This is called “white label software casino online” service and most of the online casinos prefer this option. When we say casino gaming software, we are referring to this “package”.

Or, online casino management may prefer just to purchase the games from online casino software providers and do all other things in-house. This is also an option used by mostly big online casino brands. In any case, the quality of casino software defines the quality of your online gambling experience too, whether it is the full package or just the games. Let’s examine both options separately.

Casino Gaming Software: To Play Games

If you decide to purchase only the games and handle every other thing in-house, this is the casino game software you will use. Such online casinos handle customer support, payment infrastructure, membership management, and bonuses on their own. They just purchase the game collection of the online casino gaming software provider. In other words, the games you see in online casinos are not made by the casino itself: Casino software providers developed them and the online casino just hosts them. Some online casinos work only with one casino game software provider and some of them prefer to work with dozens of casino gaming software companies. As can be guessed, the more the merrier: The casino software diversity defines how many games you will get to play and how good they will be. Simply put, if the gambling software developers are good, the games will be good too.

Online Gambling Software: To Manage Members

This is the “casino software and services” package, also known as “white label software online casino”. Online casino software providers sell all the other things we listed above in addition to games. In other words, the provider handles payments, membership management, and bonuses. The casino software runs on the servers of the operator, but it is entirely built by the casino software developer itself. This type of casino software handles almost everything automatically: The casino gambling software awards personal bonuses to members on special occasions (for example, on birthdays), manages the personal balances of members, defines which games will be shown on the main page, etc. In short, it is a complete package and the best casino software. This type of casino software is usually tailored to work with the games of a single provider, the one who also issued the management software. So, if you see an online casino listing itself as “Playtech casino”, for example, this means two things:

All of the games in that casino is provided by Playtech (no other casino gaming software companies are available)
All other features of that casino are handled by the online gaming software of Playtech.