The Difference Of This Online Slots Guide

What Is The Difference Of This Online Slots Guide?

If you make a search for “free slots guide”, for example, you will see hundreds –even thousands- of results. This is because it is pretty easy to prepare an online slots guide: List the basic rules, pick a couple of games, and list a couple of general online casino slots tips. That kind of guides are not useful for anything: They don’t contain enough info and their tips for online slots are pretty simple things everybody knows.

So, what is the difference of this slots guide? What do we offer to you? Well, first of all, we will explain all of the slot rules in detail and according to different slot categories. So, no matter what kind of slot game you are playing, you will know what to do: This online slots guide will teach you everything you need to know about every slot game out there. Second, we are players too and fans of slot games. In other words, before preparing a slotsguide, we really play these games for a long time and give you accurate info. In short, we are more than capable of picking the best slot games for you – speaking of which, you can see them below. (A slot guide is not complete without a “best of” list, so we have one too.)

Lastly, the online casino slots tips we include are unique and really useful: We don’t make empty promises. For example, you can be sure that there are no casino tips and tricks slots that will guarantee a winning: If you see such a “guarantee” in a slots guide, you can be sure that it is a lie. However, it is still possible to increase your winning odds by using some casino slots tips and implementing an online slot strategy. Well, we have them both: This online slots guide contains many tips and tricks that will increase your chances.

How Do Online Slots Games Work And What Is An RNG?

We need to start this casino slots guide by explaining the basics. The rules of online casino slot games are pretty simple: There are multiple symbols on reels and your goal is to land the same ones next to each other on a pay line. You need to land at least 2 or 3 symbols to qualify for a payout, and your prize will be determined according to the symbol set you placed. All slots online games work like this, no matter what category they belong to. Take a look at the slot guide section where we explain these terms if they do not sound familiar, they are very easy to learn. You click on the “spin” button, the reels start to turn, and if you manage to land the same symbols next to each other, you get a prize – it is that simple.

But, what happens in the background when you click the “spin” button? This part is important because a lot of the misunderstanding about online slots originate from not knowing how they work. Back in the 60s, when slot machines first appeared in Las Vegas, they were real “machines” that work with cogs and reels. They were like a watch that needs to be wind up: Some of them were not even using electricity. The majority of online slot myths originate from this era because back then, it was possible to estimate when they will make a payout by listening to the cogs and reels, literally.

However, this is not the case anymore: Real money slots work with an RNG (random number generator) software nowadays. (In fact, all casino games online use an RNG software, not just the online slots.) It is a part of the casino software, and all it does is generating random numbers. Each of the symbols in an online slot machine game has a numerical counterpart. When you click the “spin” button, the RNG software generates a random number. And if that number matches the numerical counterpart of a symbol, it appears on the screen. For example, let’s assume that you are playing jackpot slots online:

You click on the “spin” button and the RNG software generates a number: 10965
The numerical counterpart of the “wild” symbol is in between 10900 and 11000
Since it is in the range, the wild symbol appears on the screen and you hit the jackpot
All of these happen in mere seconds (and this is obviously a simplified explanation) but you get the idea: In a system like this, it is impossible to guess the outcome of the RNG software. Even the programmer of the online slot game cannot predict what will happen. Therefore, it is impossible to create a strategy for online slots: It all depends on luck. But you can still increase your winning chances by selecting the correct categories and using some tips & tricks – we will tell you about these below, but first, let’s answer another popular question in our slotsguide: Can you play online slots for real money for free?

Can You Play Online Casino Slots For Free?

Yes, all online slots that pay real money can be tried free of charge: You don’t actually need to spend a single penny. This is one of the biggest advantages of slot games – you can try all of them without taking a financial risk and find out the best ones according to your needs. And you can do that even at online casino sites if you pick the right ones. Some casino online websites allow you to play free casino slot games with bonus rounds even without becoming a member. Just visit the website, pick among hundreds of online slots machines games, and click on the “play” button: The game will load instantly and you can try it as long as you want with a virtual balance.

Cloudbet Casino is the best website to do this. It offers more than 500 high-quality online slots and all of them can be played free of charge. Just visit the site, pick a game, and click the “demo” button – that’s all. We recommend starting with the most popular slot machines, but you can try the entire collection and play all the online slots real money collection without spending any money.