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What Is A Safe Online Casino?

“Online casino safety” is a general term and covers a lot of things. So, “are online casinos safe” is not an easy to answer question – this depends on how many things fall under the category of safety. In general, when we say “safe online casino”, we mean three things:

Safety of yourself
Safety of the casino website
Safety of the games

The first one means personal security and safety, which requires using anti-virus software, protecting your PC, and checking a couple of things beforehand to make sure a website is secure enough. The second one is about the integrity of the safe casinos online and their legality. And the last one is about the safety & fairness of the games on it. The most secure online casino is “safe” according to all these standards. Don’t worry, we will explain all of these in detail below. For now, know that safe online casinos are able to offer a legal, fair, and secure environment for playing games; and each of these requires & includes different things. In short, you never ask the question “are online casinos fair” at safe casinos – you already know that they are fair and safe. And below, we will explain how to recognize the most secure online casino.

Common Features Of Safe Casinos

Safe casinos always work with an independent third party to ensure game fairness;
Secure internet casino sites encrypt all of their web pages with 128-bit SSL;
Safe online casino sites are always licensed and the issuer is a reputable agency, such as UKGC;
Safe online casinos also offer fair services: For example, their bonuses contain reasonable wagering rates.

Finding The Safest Online Casino Sites: What To Look For
We listed the three main features of safe online gambling above, and the last two are about online casino sites: They should be safe and secure before anything else. So, what does this mean, exactly? What are the primary features of safe casinos and how can you recognize them? More importantly, how do we find them and select the safest online casino sites for you? Let’s answer all of these questions by listing the common features of safe online casinos.

Common features of safe online casinos:

Electronic Gaming License. This is the most important thing of them all: An electronic gaming license is mandatory for safe online casino sites, whether it is a desktop or a safe mobile casino. And not just any license – the license of secure online casino sites should belong to a reputable agency like The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) or Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This is the first thing we check: Each and every safe online casino out there (including safe mobile casino sites) is licensed and legal.

Flawless Website Security. All pages of safe casinos must be protected by SSL. The integrity of the casino safety and security must be secured by a reputable cybersecurity company, like COMODO or Norton. There should be alternative account protection measures at safe secure online casino sites too, such as 2-way authentication. And if you log in from a different IP range, for example, you should be notified about this immediately.

Fairness-Guaranteed Games. We all like to play the latest and most popular games from top-tier providers, but they should also be fair. Otherwise, all of your efforts will be futile. We check the overall RTP rates of casino online safe games and make sure they get audited by an independent third-party, like eCOGRA. Desktop & mobile casino safety covers game integrity too.
Being A Member Of A Professional Organization. This is not mandatory but a big plus. A website that is a member of a professional organization (such as IBAS) is able to offer an online casino safe<gambling experience, because these organizations set the safety and security standards in the iGaming industry. The safest online casino sites are always a member of such organizations.

Fast And Professional Customer Support. No matter how safe and secure an online casino is, you will experience a problem sooner or later – this is normal and expected. The important thing is how quickly it gets resolved and how professional & helpful the support team is. We make sure there are multiple ways to reach customer support of safest online casinos and all of the complaints are resolved within 24 hours.